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I have dealt with wildlife my whole life.  My journey started in Pittsburgh, PA at the age of 10 when I had my first crocodilian experience by purchasing a caiman. I also caught my first rattlesnake at the age of 11 (Do not try that at home!).  I moved to South Florida at the age of 12, working with one of the greatest wildlife experts Mike "Skeet" Johns. 



I learned about many native and exotic wildlife species and how to handle them.  By learning from Skeet and many others I was doing venomous and non-venomous snake shows, as well as alligator wrestling by the age of 13.


I have taught alligator wrestling and one of my best students, Jimmy Riffle, became one of the best alligator wrestlers in the world.  When he approached me 3 years ago to work with him I was glad to jump in with both feet.  I am very passionate about wildlife and I am proud to be working with the Gatorboys.  I'm helping to not only save wildlife, but I also get to educate the public.


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