Crew Richard

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In 2001 I started volunteering at a small zoo called the Native Village in Hollywood, FL. Little did I know that with in a few short weeks I would be handling and wrestling alligators for Mike "Skeet" Johns under the guidance of Jimmy Riffle. RichardWhat started as a hobby grew into a passion on teaching people to understand the wildlife that we have around us. Eventually I was able to work on several behind the scene film sets and road shows.


While volunteering for Skeet, I was able to meet other people with the passion that I have. One person who comes to mind is Ray Thunderhawk who introduced me to exotic animals such as bears, tigers, and lions. Later in my career Jimmy and I were able to use alligator wrestling to benefit children in need by doing fundraisers and other charitable work. Jimmy, Andy and I decided that we can take alligator wrestling on the road to educate people on how vital alligators are to our ecosystem. As we move forward into the future I want to teach people how fragile and interconnected we are to our ecosystem.



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